How is the best destination

Best destination bachelorette party – which is the best destination for bachelorette party? The best destination does not legally exist, because everyone has a different destination for a farewell party. For some it is in Bulgaria, for some in Croatia, for some in Slovakia, in Spain, in the Czech Republic… For me it is necessary in Bulgaria and in Slovakia. I literally fell in love with Bulgaria because I`ve been there several times and it was just amazing. I was there with my grandfather and grandmother and I have wonderful memories of Bulgaria – Tsarevo.


During the day we went to the sea, where the sun was shining, there were amazing waves and a sandy beach. In the evening we went to the amazing restaurant again, where we always ordered food that tasted absolutely great. We preferred to order fish from Bulgaria, which tasted absolutely famous, it must be left. I really felt wonderful and reborn in Bulgaria. It couldn`t have been better. In the second place for the farewell to freedom, I would definitely recommend you Slovakia – it fascinated me again with its beautiful atmosphere and the peace that radiated from it. We went to the thermal springs to Dunajská Streda outside.


When it was raining, we went to warm pools in hot water so we wouldn`t freeze. The water warmed us up nicely and we were really well. You could buy some snacks, ice cream and so on here in this „park“ (or whatever you call it). The refreshments were hot dogs up to normal dishes, such as fish, dumplings and the classic dishes that we know in our country and in Czech cuisine, so it was absolutely great, I felt really good there. Most of all, I enjoyed going to the warm pools that always warmed me the most. I don`t need much water, so it was a big advantage for me. So if you are looking for a destination for a bachelorette party, I recommend these two.